Hire a WordPress developer available for freelance projects

Custom Post Types

If you want to hire a WordPress developer, chances are pretty much high that you will implement customized features on your website, paying for a freelance project.

Let’s say you own a library. You could use the WordPress CMS to run it. On a touchscreen, a user could validate his identity using his social media credentials, borrow the books he requires, and even honour late fees.

But that’s not all. Even when I wouldn’t recommend it with a headless setup, you could run backend operations for a mobile app using WordPress.

Isn’t it a lovely resource?

SEO-compliant websites

A usual request is applying an SEO recipe to improve on Google, or earning a better Quality Score to optimize SEM budget for Google Ads®. Why would you ask for an SEO strategy? If you have an answer to that question, my work will be understood and your brand awareness will skyrocket.

That’s right! Your marketing efforts improve after creating unbeatable content, tweaking your snippets, reducing page-load timing, and enhancing your content at least to match the leading results. Additionally, you should include several formats in your articles, make the site accessible, add social media preview info, and submit your site to search engines.

And such task is usually simplified by third-party plugins, which are easily found in the WordPress ecosystem. So, if you’ve got one of those, what numbers support you? What keywords do you rank for on a Google SERP? But in case you are paying for ads, what is your current CTR? What about your CAC? Is your ROAS satisfying? Could you lower your CPC on Google Search? What is your Google Quality Score for each keyword you’re bidding on?

Remember; assuming an SEO mindset is not an instant or easy takeaway, but it’s the perfect path to stay in business for the long run.

Improve your online profitability ASAP!

Are you monitoring 100K impressions or still handing out some business cards?

WP Plugins Development

I enable managers to take back control over their businesses by auditing their organizations’ performance promptly, showing them metrics that matter (KPI), suggesting tiny tweaks to match OKR, transitioning from feedback to feedforward. Wouldn’t it be sensational if you knew exactly how your team did daily?

Anyway, it will always be your choice. If you require a system to be fed/displayed online, and you own a WordPress site, I can get it online available within hours.

Goals & Timeframe

Projects use to tie costs and scope with a deadline, and most of them fail to comply 100%. With me, you will receive constant increments, and after those increments meet your acceptance criteria, I’ll ship them to production (deployment). So, let’s break that huge project into stages & blocks to set up feasible milestones. Trust me, you’ll be happy.

So, depending on complexities such as data sources, requirements, technical specs, standards, third-party stages, and commitment from your staff, I can predict & design the roadmap for my tasks accurately. Some slack should also be considered as more collaborators participate in critical stages.

Refactoring your PHP Legacy to MVC

Does the Laravel framework fit you better?


As a PHP 7+ freelance developer, I have witnessed a few sloppy routines. Let’s assess that monolithic.


If you keep PHP on the backend, then Laravel is a useful, robust, reliable, and easy-to-maintain resource.


Remember that these are great tools, but the important factors to consider are your OKR. Keep that in mind.

Bani Moshe gets the whole picture like few programmers out there, keeps an eye on the outcome, and fosters an agile approach to deliver solutions on time.


We started small with this man, but now we are running experimental integration, using several technologies that Bani Moshe proved to master on freelance projects.