Is the Internet safe? What if I never use my real name?

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Ok, Is the Internet safe? No. Don’t want to use your real name? Then, just don’t. But there are signs criminals look for when trying to take advantage of innocent people. I’d say that most attacks start by browsing, clicking links, downloading apps, extensions, or replying to mild requests from unknown sources. But how could someone know where am I or target me?

United States is not safe from hackers

Did you know I see where my visitors were before browsing this page? Well, if you're running (trust me, I know what's running your device), wouldn't make any sense that I know it, right? How would I know if that's not public, your device should be private.

The fact of the matter is that hacking would include further data-digging from you, let's say that you're reading these words in (whatever it is), and your version (Oh yeah, I certainly know your browser version) could allow me to exploit any known vulnerabilities. But hey, I am not a bad guy. OK?

Alright then, there's nothing to worry about. But I know you are now in United States. And if I were you, I'd be afraid to read that I know you're somewhere near, e.g. Ashburn, I don't know (I made that up), because I detect your ISP has that IP assigned to Virginia. Trust me, I'm close to you lol.

Wanna WhatsApp me? I’m here to help. By the way, to start knowing about cybersecurity I recommend you this site.

Everything you’ve read in this post is available, but its accuracy heavily depends on your browser configuration, and how your government assigns IP addresses in your country.

Finally, I’m just posting this entry to show the way I extend some of the WordPress CMS features. Remember, this blog is my portfolio as a backend developer. But if your asking Is the Internet safe? No, it really isn’t.

Thanks for visiting my site. I’m honored.