How to make money online restoring pictures

A youngster counts cash. It looks like a married young lady wearing a blue t-shirt. This image is used to illustrate how to make money online restoring pictures.

I’ve seen hundreds of fake strategies, tons of videos showing affiliate programs, but the truth is that unless you have some traffic, it doesn’t work for most humans. You know, there are lots of ways to make money online using your knowledge, under your schedule & convenience, and I’ll give you just one: automatic photo restoration.

Now, what I used to do with Photoshop could take me hours working on one picture. The process included:

  • Getting to my customer’s place to pick up the photos.
  • Scanning or shooting the physical images.
  • Cleaning them, adding or removing some elements.
  • Printing the enhanced images.
  • Delivering the products to my customer wherever he wanted to pay for them.
  • Making a deposit in the bank.

So, I could make some cash doing a lot of stuff per client. It’s wasn’t scalable, if I had 30 pictures I couldn’t get more contracts. You see the waste, right?

Ok, today I can do all that within 10 minutes. And I mean the 30 pictures.

Make money online using AI platforms

First and foremost, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. And no, it means no nerdy stuff whatsoever. Just in the same way you apply funny filters to your broadcasts, you can use open, free, or paid AI services to clean, restore, and colorize images. But how difficult is it to learn those technologies?

Look, you can just upload and restore a photo within 5 clicks. Yeah, just that. It takes about 30 seconds to have an outstanding result and charge your client for the job. Just where you are reading this.

Do I have to pay? Are there any tricks? Is this a scam?

No, three times no. There are paid AI services, and there are also open AI services. Some limitations may be imposed by each platform. Who knows? I really don’t care. If I make some money today, and tomorrow I have to pay for the tools I used while earning it, it’d be the dumbest person in the world avoiding what is right for my business.

Okay, how does it work?

  • Get your grandma’s photo album to choose an old picture.
  • Take an image of it with your mobile.
  • Go to and select AI Tools > Picture Restorer (It’s on Beta stage now).
  • Click on Upload, use the selector for “Has Scratch?” if necessary, and click on Restore.
  • In 30 seconds you’ll see both versions, plus a Download link.

Now, did it hurt? No. Can you charge people for doing this without putting in any effort? Yes. Is it legal to use that tool like this? Yes, indeed. As long as you don’t:

  • Sell the platform itself claiming it belongs to you.
  • Make a stupid promise you cannot deliver.
  • Do anything bad with that service, or against it.
  • Use restored images for marketing purposes without written permission.
  • Break any laws.

Then, use your common sense, OK? You’re taking advantage of a very simple online tool to automate the restoring process.

Awesome, but how do I find & charge the customers?

Just do what you read above. Once you have some impressive results with two or three pictures, upload them to your social media, and tag those who might love to see their relatives again (close to the elderly). And put a headline similar to:

Restoring moments for those who really care, under an affordable price. Call me, no strings attached”.

It’s on you what you charge for restoring their images. Moreover, it’s your choice to download and also print them out. The Hotpot AI doesn’t add a watermark, and you can charge 5 times the price for physical over digital delivery.

Easy right? But if you still think this isn’t for you (too complicated), I’ll show you how smooth this process is.

Make some cash online, money’s everywhere. Also, remember to buy me a coffee after you hit your first hundred bucks.

Let me know how if you did it. And don’t share this page. Instead, show your kids how this world works.

Finally, please check some other posts on my blog.