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A better website scales your operations, but also magnifies current issues. Avoid a painful growth by building a solid foundation with my help. If your bussiness runs smoothly, then send me a message.

Once you can gain traction, brand awareness, visitors, leads, rank, followers, reviews, backlinks… let’s make it consistent with a plan that matches your strategic goals.

Growth Hacking: Achieving your goals at lower costs

A Growth Hacker enables you to sell more by tweaking your website for SEO & SEM purposes; creating brand awareness with smart tactics; firing engagement organically with your audience across social media; connecting your content & events to your site’s visitors; promoting your products & services where your target requires a solution; chasing potential leads almost everywhere using ads networks; triggering communications on recipients’ behavior.

This approach requires total availability (99.99% servers uptime), zero delays from your staff, plus an agility mindset tied to continuous testing and improvement. It’s a collective effort, not a solitaire job, not a one-man Co. Let me know your strengths, resources and vision, I’ll add some spices to the recipe for your success.

WordPress Consultancy

Small and medium-sized companies rely on their digital assets to achieve the C-level goals by following a marketing strategy, distributing ICT efforts with clear milestones. Sometimes activities are happily outsourced, and that’s where I come to play my freelance role. Wouldn’t it be great to automate outreach mechanisms, monitor KPIs & control the outcomes, so you can run your company almost in autopilot?

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I use my WP CMS to communicate big ideas!

A WordPress Developer & Growth Hacker

I’m yearning to ease your operations, reduce costs, delays, stress. A handful of my clients detected deviations and were unable to spot the root causes, until I got onboard.

Why should you choose me?

My edge as a WordPress Freelancer comprises:


Our contract specifies your expectations, and the results I provide must match them, not any less.


I offer transactional and also relational contracts, so we can agree the terms we both feel confortable with.


Leads, transactions, timing, costs, waste, stock levels, ROI… You set your KPI & goals, scope or timeframe, and I comply.

SEO-based marketing for your inbound strategy

Canvas traditionally was used as a tool to visualize a business, but you will also find it useful to depict a marketing plan that shares resources effectively.

I will propose a Lean mindset for establishing clean, thin processes, avoiding waste and the nonesense. Agility will free your team from pain when deploying solutions.

Now, modern websites shall be appealing to start a conversion funnel, but people must find your content useful and engaging. Your site is not a masterpiece to admire, it has to drive sales, generate leads, subscribers, followers, etc. If not, it’s a liability.

At the same time, a ship sails when and heading to where the captain says. Are you the one deciding the direction of your organization? What data do you consider to decide on most matters? Analytics is a must these days, because metrics don’t lie. If you’re moving ahead, your figures shoud tell the same.

Well, I have to be honest: these pictures depict State-of-the-Art organizations, but real companies rarely look like that. There is always some chaos, a missing stage, and even if yours is tweaked, beyond your success you want to achieve more. Don’t you?

At the end, your business will evolve rapidly when you gain that momentum, based on a Human to Human approach (H2H over B2B or B2C), and it could start with these steps: